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The Patient Call Me Program: Patient Satisfaction and Lifetime Value Program


Patient Call Me – the ultimate solution for home health agencies to deepen relationships with their patients and increase their lifetime value. Patient Call Me is the revolutionary program that keeps your patients connected to your agency!

With Patient Call Me, your patients will feel valued and cared for, as they receive regular check-ins and support from your dedicated team of professionals. Not only does this provide an unparalleled level of customer service, but it also ensures that your agency remains top of mind for your patients, increasing the likelihood that they will choose you for their next skilled home health care needs.

The benefits of Patient Call Me are clear – it creates patients for life, increasing the lifetime value of each patient and securing a steady stream of business for your agency. With Patient Call Me, you can rest easy knowing that your patients will increase their satisfaction and return to you over and over.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to deepen your relationships with your patients and secure a steady stream of business for your agency. Purchase Patient Call Me today and experience the unparalleled benefits for yourself!

The Home Care Sales Patient “Call Me” Program is a virtual training that will help you increase referrals by leveraging your current patients.

This program will help you:

  • Improve Patient Satisfaction:  TouchPoint calls improve a sense of being heard, which we have learned is a core requirement for feeling cared for.
  • Improve Clinical Value:  Take your care a step further by confirming your patients’ needs are being met.
  • Enhance Your Company Branding:  Learn how easy it is to take the next step with each of your client’s primary care physicians by sharing with them updates on your mutual patients while building new referral relationships.
  • Catch any care issues early:  Fix mismatched caregiver client relationships.  Have a safety net in place to prevent errors on patients’ plan of care during the critical first few days on services.
  • Obtain strategies for using a total patient care delivery model:  This includes making sure every patient is evaluated for services from any of our community partners, home care, home health, respite services, and hospice care.


As part of the program, there will be supplemental scripts, reference materials, and other key tools to help you increase your census.

Here is what we are going to give you:

  • New Patient Welcome Call Script:  make transitions to your services an experience that opens the referral pathways
  • Physician Appointment Confirmation Phone Script to allow you to have a valued reason to build a relationship with your primary care physicians
  • Initial Call Script to Contact the Patient at Facility Prior to Discharge and leverage your referral relationship at the account
  • Post-Discharge Phone Script to help your staff get patients back on your company’s services.
  • Medication Review Phone Script to easily identify care needs that allow you to get the patient back on services
  • Monthly Score Card to Give to your referring accounts.
  • How to use the scripts tips sheet, (Done for you)
  • Telemedicine Doctor Notice Bonus Email
  • Recording of Customer Service for your Intake Department is our additional gift 


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