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Caller to Client Inquiry Training for In-Home Care Agencies


“From Caller to Client” – the game-changing program that teaches you the art of inquiry training to turn callers into loyal clients for your private duty/home care business in just minutes! Say goodbye to missed opportunities! Do you want to learn how to turn inquiries into long-term relationships and increased revenue?

You’ll learn the proven techniques to capture your caller’s interest, build trust, and get the home assessment! Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing your business and start converting inquiries to clients. Don’t let potential clients slip through your fingers – invest in “From Caller to Client” today and watch your business soar!

When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:

1. The “right” words and phrases to get the caller to trust you and demonstrate the value of your services to potential clients and their families.

In 3 knowledge-packed training videos, there are “press pause” moments for you to stop and work with your team to customize the scripting to your agency, making the templates uniquely yours!

2. Proven Inquiry Form that guides the conversation to ask the perfect questions to get you the information to identify care needs and position your agency as the “best fit.”

3. Inquiry Protocol tool. A step by step guide to place by “every phone” in the office so that EVERYONE on your team can be a “CLOSER” to book the Home Assessment!

4. Follow up cadence tool. This tool visually shares the correct cadence to follow up with an inquiry call – to bring them onto service if you were not able to book the home assessment making sure no one “slips through the cracks!”

5. Score! Download the Mastery Inquiry Performance Review Scorecard and get ready to score “real” calls in the video! The best way to learn is to listen or read a “real” inquiry call and “Score” the effectiveness of the sample call making learning an interactive and engaging experience.

6. The goal of the inquiry is to schedule a home assessment or care! This downloadable tool – Transition to Home Assessment – is an excellent way for you to identify the transition and how to get to the “YES”!

With this program you can be confident in your ability to convert potential callers into loyal clients, boosting your agency’s success and growth!


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