Get Past The Marketing Calls that end with:

“Sorry I don’t have anyone to refer”


If you want more Home Care referrals, this is for you!

Either you or your team is making marketing calls and visits, but you do not see more referrals come in; you're not seeing your accounts grow as you want them to and know they can!

You are frustrated because you KNOW your Care is Amazing, but referral sources are NOT LISTENING!

There are TOO MANY COMPETITORS, and Referral Sources think "you are all the same and provide the same services."


You are UNIQUE!

And why CAN’T YOU EVEN ACCESS some referral sources?

If you've ever felt this way, we have custom tracks 

specially created for your needs:

Home Health

In-Home Care


How can they HEAR YOUR MESSAGE  


You've tried other ways to get more referrals, and you've listened to some other programs, but you're still not getting results. Why? Well, the reason is the programs let you down.

They were not prepared for the "new normal"

“Last year on this program we grew double digits. This year, we are on track to grow double digits again, and that is saying something for a mature agency in a major city with TONS of competition! 

I would highly recommend this program if you want to get more referrals without all the hassle!”

Michelle Guillory, Home Health & Hospice

If you are tired of banging your head against the wall trying to get referrals, here's what we've done for you:

⦿ Standardized the processes, so sales is rowing in the same direction

⦿ Measured the exact words to use at each visit

⦿ Mastered the techniques to consistently generate more referrals

⦿ Optimized the strategies that produced proven results

⦿ And got rid of anything that didn't repeatedly work for our teams

And now we are bringing those same success paths to you.

Today, we are proud to bring to you this one of a kind growth opportunity.

Not only do we guarantee it, but we have done all the work for you. There is nothing out there that has even come close!

And to make sure that the program works, the dynamic duo of Cheryl Peltekis, RN, The Solutionist, and Melanie Stover, OT, will coach your team each month and hold an intimate video role-playing session and "What would you do?" Live Q & A using our breakout room technology.

Roadmap to Referrals is a process that gives you or your sales team a reliable referral source message every single week to make sure your organization receives the most referrals from their accounts!

Sales representatives love this product because it elevates them in the mind of their referral sources. It brings their skills to a level where they can communicate about the benefits a client/patient receives when working with your agency.

Previous Clients, including our co-owner, Cheryl Peltekis "The Solutionist," took accounts that gave them two referrals a week and tripled the number of referrals to them by using this program.

You can too!

Remember, you are only one account away from your dreams!

"It brings real life things that we hearing in the offices (we market to). All those “no”s that they were getting…they are learning how to turn those into YES! 

I think that before, they would take that no and just turn around and walk away."

Trisha Martin, Home Health & In-Home Care

Each unique track contains ALL of the following:

Quick Coaching Guides

"Battle cards" for your next marketing call have the information you need to overcome ANY objection!

Monthly Health Observance Materials

Help your referral sources grow their business AND YOURS!

Customized Agency Materials Targeting Your High-Value Referrals

Triggering the most PROFITABLE referrals AND the ones you LOVE to care for!

Monthly Group Coaching Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab with Melanie & Cheryl PLUS – "Live Q & A – Melanie and Cheryl will give you ideas and answers to your current referral source challenges!"

Referral Source Email Templates & Scripts

Every month, share your message with your referral sources REMOTELY easily! We have proven that you CAN get referrals from behind a desk over the last year...even when you have NO in-person access!

Marketing and Sales Automation

Let the POWER of Automation propel you forward, doing the heavy lifting for you!

Roadmap to Referrals

Is an easy way for you or your representatives to identify high value patient/ client types and understand the benefits the patients/clients receive when referred to your services.

This allows you or your sales associate to easily communicate with the referral sources on a more meaningful level.

Each Month:

Cheryl and Melanie will then role-play with your sales representative(s) and guide your sales associate(s) to articulate their own sales script to be able to communicate with referral sources easily about these most referred diagnoses

The program works for all service lines~ whether you provide in-home Care, home health, or hospice services. The Roadmap of Referrals Deluxe program is designed to provide solid direction for each week and the coaching support that ensures your team knows HOW to use the system effectively. Even a novice who lacks clinical knowledge can become an authority. The time is now! You are only one account away from hitting your dream revenue!

Marketing and Sales Reps:

Imagine being the rep that

your referral source lights up when they see you; you get

invited in, you know exactly what you are going to say, you have a conversation about current patients on caseload while providing education on how you can help them. The referral source identifies two referrals as you are speaking to them.

Setting you up to gain the patient's contact information, and

you walk out of the office with two referrals in hand!

With Roadmap of Referrals it happens!

Owners, Executives, and Managers:

Imagine having your Marketing calendar laid out for the whole next year and having the peace of mind that your marketers ask for and getting high-value referrals during their marketing calls. Feeling confident your marketing message to your referral sources is professional, and your team is supported. The Roadmap of Referrals is a turn-key system. Once your agency is enrolled in the program, HCS handles all the details and frees you up to do other essential tasks in your business.

Join The Roadmap to Referrals Today!

Roadmap to Referrals

⦿ Quick Coaching Guides

⦿ Monthly Health Observance Materials

⦿ Customized Agency Materials

⦿ Monthly Group Coaching: Simulation Lab

⦿ Referral source Email templates and Voicemail scripts

⦿ Marketing and Sales Automation

Don't Forget Your Webinar Sign Up Bonuses!

- Quarterly Account Review System (Just for the First 10 to Sign Up)

- How to Overcome the TOP Objections

- Cold Call tactics: Get You Past the Gatekeeper

Here are some common questions:

"I tried something like this before and it didn't work."

I'm sure that was frustrating! I can tell you that there isn't another program that is like this one. We have studied them all and ours is the complete package.

Including the key components like:

⦿ Coaching

⦿ Role playing

⦿ Showing what works at all different event types

⦿ Getting past objections (such as you charge too much or we have a preferred provider)

Additionally, we provide you with email and phone scripts written by the only dynamic duo of clinically trained sales coaches Registered Nurse and Occupational Therapist in the industry.


"I have so many flyers we don't need anymore."
I feel the same way! My team has every flyer under the sun, but they are required to show up every month for the coaching. Why? Because, marketers need to keep their confidence high, their tongues sharp, and make sure that they are staying relevant.

We have teams that buy and stay in this program for years because the value is in the messaging. The opportunity to listen to how other successful reps get past objections creates game-changing results! Successful teams take the opportunity to learn, see, and become upgraded by experiencing this monthly coaching hour.


"I can't afford $500/month"

Who can these days? The challenge you face is that: if you do nothing, then nothing changes. Maybe you have to do the sales calls and now you are committed to doing at least 10 hours a week out selling. Maybe you have a member of your team doing hybrid outreach (providing clinical or caregiving services while still trying to approach referral sources).

This is your shortcut to compress your time, get your skillset up, and grow your book of business. You can't afford to NOT buy this product. It pays for it self and a heck of a lot more!

All the risk is on us. We've got you covered!

If you do not like the Roadmap to Referrals for ANY REASON, you can cancel in the first 30 days and get your money back.

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