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Roadmap to Referrals: Hospice and Non-Medical In-Home Bundle

$750.00 / month

Ready to turn your referral game up a notch? The Roadmap to Referrals – In-Home Care & Hospice Edition has got you covered! The RoadMap delivers weekly education-packed messages to your referral sources, keeping you top-of-mind, positioning you as a Post Acute Care Expert, and increasing your chances of getting a high-value referral TODAY!

Say goodbye to the guesswork of referral field marketing & sales and hello to a systematic approach that gets results. With Dx Sells ™ Framework, you’ll have the tools and strategies to nurture relationships, build trust, and cultivate a referral network that fuels your agency’s growth. So don’t wait – start driving referrals like a pro today!

When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:


The RoadMap to Referrals Online Library and Communication Hub for Hospice and In-Home Care


The Library Includes:


  • 2024 Marketing Planner with weekly educational sales messages so that your rep has a unique selling message each week in the field.
  • Previous monthly role-plays and training – 12+ role-play videos!
  • Play-by-Play break down from approaching a gatekeeper to gaining a referral on video!
  • Templates for emails – when you can't get into the account in person – you can STILL get REFERRALS!
  • Scripts for Voice Mails to target specific patient/client types when you need to cover ground FAST!


You will receive the following Monthly:


  • Customized handouts branded with your agencies logo, contact info, and colors
  • USP Quick reference by Diagnosis sales education for your sales reps to become post-acute care experts!
  • LIVE – video training from Melanie, Cheryl, and other expert coaches on how to break into accounts, use the RoadMap to Referrals as your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, how to handle objections, and become a top producer!
  • LIVE- Ask the experts!  You have challenges.  We have ANSWERS!


What You’ll Learn:


  • How to stand out and rise above the noise
  • How to use RoadMap to Referrals to Take MARKET SHARE!
  • What to say that gets you to the next level
  • Scripts that have produced 1000’s of referrals
  • BONUS: ALWAYS have a mentor to ask, "How would you overcome this challenge?"


*R2R is a 12-month program with month-to-month after the initial 12 months


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